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Our approach

We provide a comprehensive service for the delivery of travel and hospitality services at the biggest sports events in the world.

Our portfolio of past and current events is second to none. We are the only company in the world to be authorised to provide official hospitality within the main venues at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup 2011, Rugby World Cup 2015 and Rugby World Cup 2019, World Track Cycling World Championships 2016 and the IAAF World Athletics Championships 2017.

We also provide exclusive travel services for the British Olympic Association (BOA), the International Cricket Council (ICC), New Zealand Rugby, Rugby Australia and the National Rugby League, among others.





What we do

STH has created a unique operating model to plan and deliver travel and hospitality programmes for global sports events. It follows a series of key processes to develop concepts that create a hierarchy of innovative hospitality experiences relevant to each event’s stature, location and audience. The implementation of this strategy plan has resulted in record sales at events overseen by us.

The route from initial rights holder meetings, to work we undertake to gain a full understanding of the rights holder’s brand and the marketplace, before we begin to create travel and hospitality experiences.

Once the programme is defined, we develop sales and marketing strategies to drive awareness, create lead generation and conversion into sales. Once a sale has been made, the client services team manage all guest enquiries and preferences through to delivery of the event and beyond.

Our model has been developed through detailed research and analysis and creates a bespoke range of innovative travel and hospitality solutions, built upon each event’s exacting stakeholder requirements.

At the heart of that model is a world-class team that is dedicated to designing, marketing, selling, operating and servicing guests to each sporting event.



We seamlessly integrate data and analytics with a personal touch in a way no other travel and hospitality provider can.

We have invested in the development of our own IT systems that our team use to ensure we deliver an end-to-end guest management experience and maintain 100 per cent accurate client records.

Any updates made to records by sales, marketing or client services will be reflected across the entire global system. We now manage the booking preferences and client details of literally hundreds of thousands of travel and hospitality clients from around the world.


We recognise that it is the event that the customer buys into. This requires the rights holders’ trust and confidence.

STH Group view relationships with rights holders as a privilege and as such, keep their objectives at the heart of the project vision.

Put simply it’s your event and your brand, enhanced by STH’s expertise.



Fans are the heart and soul of every sporting event. Our world class sports travel and hospitality services allow fans to fully immerse themselves in the live passion and drama up close to all the action.

Our travel and hospitality guests do not just feel the atmosphere, they are a part of it. That’s why we are the world’s leading sports travel and hospitality company.

STH is a partner that you can trust. With the strong backing of our shareholders, the foundation of our business is secure.

We are passionate, innovative and completely dependable with a long and enviable track record of consistent excellence across the biggest sporting events in the world.