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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. For fans, being able to enjoy the matches live in person makes the event even more special. That’s why at STH Group we pride ourselves in taking fans to the heart of the action for moments they’ll never forget.

STH Group can ensure you attend the biggest matches in the best seats available, by providing official travel packages for the biggest global cricket tournaments in the world.

ICC Travel & Tours is the Official Travel Programme for all ICC events, with travel agents appointed globally to create unforgettable experiences for travelling cricket fans. An official travel package includes match tickets and/or accommodation to experience the biggest live cricket events. Click here to visit ICC Travel & Tours.

This summer, ICC Travel & Tours will be taking fans from around the world to the heart of all the cricketing action in 2024 with Official Travel Packages that include match tickets, as well as accommodation and/or travel. Visit the ICC Travel & Tours website to book your package by clicking below.

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